When your lenses are designed exclusively for your eyes,

You’ll see more of the world.

iD Single Vision lenses are the first to integrate your lens design on both the front and back surfaces, so you can see more clearly in all directions.

Traditionally made single vision lenses have a constant curvature across the front surface, which makes peripheral vision almost impossible.

Aspheric lenses were invented to reduce distortions in peripheral vision, with curvatures changing from center to edge. But until now, aspheric designs have been purely theoretical, with little consideration for how your eyes actually move.

iD Single Vision Lenses are made possible by HOYALUX iD technology.

Our patented approach to lens design is based on the understanding that no two eyes are exactly the same.

What is HOYALUX iD technology?

We’ve developed a completely new approach to eyeglass lens design and processing,
all based on the insight that each of us sees the world slightly differently.

iD technology factors in more variables than traditional eyeglass lens making processes, like accounting for the way your individual eyes move. We’ve reinvented the lens design, the polishing technique, even the analysis and correction of skew deformations. iD technology is what makes the first truly personalized eyeglass lenses possible.

A lens design that accounts for your unique visual tendencies.

No two people see the world exactly the same way. That’s why HOYA’s iD Single Vision is the first aspheric lens design based on how your eyes actually see the world. Our patented Integrated Double Surface design (IDS) technology then shapes your lens design on both the front and back surface of each lens plate, to maximize viewing ranges and virtually eliminate distortions in peripheral vision.

So you can effortlessly focus in any and all directions.

iD Single Vision Benefits
Completely Personalized Lens
Revolutionary technology factors in your occupation, hobbies and visual habits
Custom-shaped Design
Lens design is shaped on front and back surface of each lens for more precise vision correction
Balanced View Control
Patented computer evaluation pinpoints and corrects distorted areas on your lenses
Personalized Fittings
Your preferences ensure perfect placement and maximum comfort
Clearest Peripheral Vision
The smoothest adaptations possible between all viewing ranges and angles
Significantly More Comfortable
Allows for natural eye and head movement throughout your day

Available Materials with iD Single Vision Lenses

Your lens material determines how light, thin, and even impact resistant your new iD Single Vision lenses will be.
Thin, Light and Durable: 1.60 Eyas lens material is extremely light and up to 35% thinner than standard plastic lenses, yet still has a high tensile strength.
Heat Resistance: 1.67 Eynoa lens material features a ‘heat shield’ that can withstand extreme levels of thermal stress, associated with tinting and anti-reflection coating applications.
UV Protection: 1.60 Eyas lens material provides 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Featured options with
iD Single Vision lenses

From protecting your vision, to enhancing your appearance, to taking the hassle out of wearing
eyeglasses, there are many more ways to personalize your new iD Single Vision lenses.

Distortion-Free Optics™ Ultra light, ultra thin lenses mounted
to hassle-free rimless frames.

Traditional rimless frames can distort the clarity of your lenses, and even cause them to break. That’s because rimless frame attachments create multiple stress points around the edges of the lens, which diminishes the optical performance.

HOYA and Avantek have partnered to create the first Distortion-Free vision system — a completely new approach to eyeglass lenses and frames — engineered without drill holes, wires, screws, or anything else that can distort your vision, or loosen, crack, or break your lenses.

This unprecedented achievement in engineering and design lets you select from an array of stylish rimless mounting options, which are then permanently bonded to the lightest lenses in the world. With Distortion-Free optics, your vision will never be distorted, and your lenses can’t fall out of the frames!

For loyal contact lens wearers, HOYA Distortion-Free Optics offers an unprecedented range of vision, like nothing you’ve ever seen, combined with the lightest weight lenses you’ve ever worn, all in a clean, minimalist design you have to see on for yourself.

Recharge™ AR treatment reduces eyestrain and fatigue caused by blue light waves
(which you're staring at right now)

Smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy efficient light bulbs emit high-energy blue light waves that, when stared at day and night, strain our eyes and even interfere with our ability to sleep at night. The blue light blocking properties of Recharge lenses alleviate eyestrain, and even help maintain your melatonin levels, so you can fall asleep at night.

Transistions Adaptive Lenses Protecting your vision has never been more convenient.
Transistions Adaptive Lenses
Original Transitions® lenses are fully clear indoors and darken to just the right amount of tint outdoors.
Transistions XTRActive
Transitions® XTRActive® lenses are always active, for extra protection. Comfortable hint of tint indoors to shield the eyes from the strain of artificial light.
Transistions Vantage
Transitions® Vantage™ lenses are the only adaptive lenses with variable polarization, for crisper, sharper vision, even in the brightest outdoor glare.

iD Single Vision lenses are only available at HOYA-authorized eye care practices

Only HOYA-authorized eye care providers have the optical expertise to explain how iD Single Vision lenses are designed exclusively for your eyes.