You have to see through our
innovations to believe them.

Besides inventing new lens designs, engineering new lens materials, and formulating new lens coatings and treatments, we also combine and apply our innovations for specific purposes. Our Specialty Lenses are designed to provide more noticeable improvements for the most common eye care problems.



Progressive lenses
designed for the new
daily grind



Lenses specially
formulated to let
kids be kids



Single vision lenses
made for the way our
eyes work today



A lens material that
guards your eyes from
the digital age

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Progressive lenses designed to improve your concentration.

If you spend hours each day staring at a computer screen, you may experience what physicians have identified as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), with symptoms ranging from headaches and double vision to dry eyes and sensitivity to light.

Tact progressive lenses are designed specifically for prolonged near visual tasks, like working inside an office, to help alleviate eyestrain and even reduce fatigue.

TACT lenses maximize your visual range and focus at arm’s length distances, providing a clearer viewing zone up to 5 times larger than conventional eyeglass lenses. And they’re available with our Super HiVision lens treatment to eliminate glare and reflections from office lights and computer screens. TACT lenses are also amazingly smudge-proof, so you can always focus on the task at hand.

Did you know the longer you stare at a computer screen, the less you blink?

Lenses that enhance and protect children's vision.

HOYA lenses allow children to see more of their world than ever before possible. But kids who wear glasses are also at heightened risk of damage to their eyes during athletic activities, or simply from flying debris while at play.

Our Phoenix Lens Material not only provides a wider, clearer field of vision, it’s also engineered to be the lightest lens material on earth, yet still meets FDA impact safety regulations.

With exceptional clarity, comfort and durability, Phoenix lenses give kids the freedom to be kids, while protecting your investment in their vision. By combining Transitions® and Super HiVision EX3 anti-reflective treatments with the lightest, safest, most durable lenses ever constructed, you have the ideal optical formulation for children’s visual and safety needs.


Single vision lenses made for the way our eyes
work today.

The way human beings see the world has changed dramatically in recent years. Our viewing ranges have gone from distant horizons, to intermediate zones, to now primarily focusing on near-tasks. Most of us simply don’t realize the harmful effects this shift has had on our vision and our overall health.

SYNC single vision lenses are designed to provide effortless, comfortable viewing adaptations to whatever your visually strenuous days demand.

The revolutionary design of SYNC lenses allows you to focus in all directions and distances – while your eyes remain relaxed – all day long. Not only does this alleviate eyestrain, it significantly reduces fatigue caused by our everyday near task routines.

Traditional computer screens are giving way to ever-smaller displays on tablets, eReaders, netbooks and smart phones. So now when we’re texting, tweeting, surfing, blogging, emailing, or playing, we’re putting more pressure than ever on our eyes.

HOYA lenses are only available at HOYA-authorized eye care practices

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